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Students are invited to explore a playful experimental journey into our world, having a unique experience and discovering scientific secrets and curiosities. The journey traverses interrelated themes, from physics to the forces of nature, electromagnetism, and astronomy, and finally plunges into the magical world of illusions. Students are the stars of this interactive journey, which includes shows such as Tesla’s Coil, demonstrations of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and more, with the goal of combining fun and learning. 


La Fabbrica della Scienza is in Jesolo (Venice) at 123 Aquileia Street, near Brescia Square.

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The exhibition is suitable for all ages and offers interesting proposals for every grade and school order. Options include:

  • Guided Tours (90 minutes): Professional guides adapted to the age of the students create a unique experience.
  • Educational Workshops (60 minutes): Wide range of topics with age-differentiated offerings, such as reproduction of natural phenomena, instrument construction, electrical circuits, robotics, astronomy and illusions.
  • Guided Tour of TROPICARIUM PARK (90 minutes): Exploration of the animal world located in front, conveying respect for animals. Three trails: Tropicarium, Aquarium, Predators.

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Secondary school
1st Grade

Secondary school
2nd Grade

Tropicarium Park, located across from La Fabbrica della Scienza, is a zoo with more than 100 animal species. The three trails, Predators, Aquarium and Tropicarium, offer a unique experience with expert guides. The wildlife collection has about 5,000 specimens, allowing people to get closer to the animal world, explore its mysteries and learn about their routines. The adventure includes encounters with sharks, crocodiles, alligators, amphibians, penguins, butterflies and more. Experiences related to environmental protection and approaching “ALIEN” animal species from around the world will also be offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

La Fabbrica della Scienza and Tropicarium Park are entirely indoors and both are fully accessible to disabled persons with wheelchairs. The exhibits are a stone’s throw from the nearby Brescia Square and 2 minutes from the beach, extend your trip to the beach!
Our staff will follow you from arrival to departure and will be available to fill any of your needs.

Guided tours and workshops prices

  • Guided Tour (Science Factory) €13,00

    Duration of the visit: 90 min

  • Guided Tour + Laboratory (Fabbrica della Scienza) €18,00

    Duration of the visit: 90 min + 60 min workshops

  • Ticket, Guided Tour, Laboratory (Fabbrica della Scienza) + Tropicarium Park €20,00

    Length of visit 90 min + workshop 60 min + guide Tropicarium Park 90 min (with guide)

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