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In this space you will be able to explore some of the inventions and exciting discoveries that have the signature of grandi scienziati e fisici lived between the 1500s and 1900s. You will have the opportunity to discover the laws of physics you deal with every day, applied to simple, everyday tools that humans have used for centuries. From rolling discs to magic mirrors, you will begin your journey of discovery.


Have you ever seen a tornado up close? Have you ever built mountains? Have you ever measured the strength of the Earth? What about the eruption of a volcano, have you ever seen it? Here you can discover the forces of nature and relate to their power. You will be able to walk into a tornado and discover its real nature, enter the earthquake room to savor the exceptionality of the event, witness a mind-blowing volcanic eruption, build mountains to learn about their genesis, and discover many other secrets of nature!


Lightning and thunderbolts, tremors and rizzi hair. Getting carried away by the phenomenon of electromagnetism, you will have fun trying many instruments invented and built by famous engineers and scientists. Among the fun stations related to the topic, you will be able to witness the amazing phenomenon of lightning with the Nikola Tesla Coil that will show you the uniqueness of the event.


Would you ever have thought of landing on the moon? Or to take a ride in the splendor of Space? In this section of the Science Factory you can see the Earth from a spacecraft, discover phenomena that happen, gravitational principles, the wonder of black holes, in short bring out the astronaut in you!


The journey into the world of science terminates in the path of illusions. Magic and science meet allowing one to catapult into another dimension. Kaleidoscope and magic tunnel of mirrors will precede entry into the exciting upside-down house, where you can imagine winning against the force of gravity and look at the world from a different perspective. Guaranteed fun!


You will be able to immerse yourself in a totally digital and super innovative world. You will have unique virtual experiences that will stimulate your perception and catapult you into a completely real vision, thanks to the various stations in which you will experience amazing situations.


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